High Snobiety sits down with our 'oriental pearl' Prim Patnasiri who proves that beauty & brains still exist in the modeling industry today.

"We cast Prim to be one of the few womenswear models in the men's shows in January – her look became one of the most iconic of our season. Interested in work behind the camera, Prim is also inquisitive and informed, planning to direct her own work in the coming years. Constantly questioning how we receive and perceive information, we look forward seeing her own work very soon…" - High Snobiety

Prim furthermore discusses: "One thing I am noticing is the selective coverage of media and how it only portrays what sells and not what matters, for example, the war in Syria. Trump is causing a lot of controversies right now which gets so much attention but still, no one seems to know what to do about the bombing and killings in Syria…"

When asked about the future of fashion, Prim had much on her mind. "I think the future of fashion will incorporate more gender-neutral concepts since there has been a large movement recently that encourages people to consider a person’s gender on a spectrum rather than through defined labels," she states.

"I'm also fascinated by Bhutan because it is a country that doesn’t use modernization and technology to influence their country.  Their way of life has not changed in years – it's also interesting that they limit the number of people who can visit their country," she expresses. 

Finally, Prim shares how everything seems to be built to make life more convenient for people. "For example, if you want to watch live jazz music you can just do that on youtube. You don’t need to travel all the way to a jazz bar to do that. Getting out of your comfort zone and actually doing things, in reality, is a much better way to create experiences in life," Prim says.

Prim is lensed by Daniel Fraser with art direction by Atip W & video chats by Oliver Boo.

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TALENTMAN is proud to announce that Danica Magpantay is off to a great start, now proudly represented by LA Model Management. Founded by Heinz Holba in the early 1980’s, LA Model Management has swiftly turned into one of the most powerful & successful modeling agencies in the world. Today, LA Model Management is the largest modeling agency on the West Coast, in addition to being one of the worlds’ most respected. The future looks bright for this ‘dynamite’ warrior as she begins her journey in LA next month.

Danica is now LIVE on - follow her journey @icamagpantay & see more here!


TALENTMAN's Michael Seifert sits down with our newest warrior, the 'dynamite' Danica Magpantay from the Philippines in this exclusive interview. Discover more about this hard-working beauty that never let any obstacles stop her from pursuing her dreams.

5 words that best describe you
Energetic, thoughtful, passionate, a kid-at-heart? :))

Favorite song of the moment
"Gashina" by Sunmi

We at TALENTMAN think you're dynamite. What in your opinion makes your dynamite?
I think first & far most, it’s GOD who helps me bring my ‘dynamite.’ God really brings out the best in me! Second, I think I am ‘dynamite’ because of my mentors who have all helped me grow and have taught me much. 

You've been in the business for several years. How can TALENTMAN help you elevate your career?
I believe that TALENTMAN has the drive & passion to push their models to the next level. I trust in Michael’s ability to really bring out the best in his models & he has been doing a great job thus far!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years & what do you hope to be doing?
I see myself establishing my brand more, getting into hosting & partnering with my family in making organic products sourced from our organic farm in the Philippines.

What is your message to young girls looking up to you?
I love you and thank you so much for your support & positive views towards me & my career. Ultimately, I pray that they will have the courage and strength to follow their dreams! I want them to live their life to the fullest - as cliché as it sounds, that’s very important!

Name 3 top models you look up to & why?
Liu Wen: I always call her “mom.” I don’t personally know her, but she’s just so badass & a top Asian model! I started looking up to her when I started my career. She always shines in everything she does!
Kate Moss: She’s a model that transcends all times. I love her cool & effortless vibe.
Gigi Hadid: She’s actually more of a recent “girl crush.” I admire her savvy business mindset & her style!

What does a day in the life of Danica Magpantay look like? (Routine)
Every day entails a different routine. Follow me: @icamagpantay & you might just get a better idea! ;)

What has New York taught you about modeling & life in general?
You have to make it happen for yourself. What I mean by that is no one can & should limit you to get to where you want to get & achieve what it is you have set for yourself. It’s up to you to hustle and grind daily.

List a quote you live by daily
“I can do anything through Him who gives me strength.” - Philippians 4:13

What has been one of the most challenging obstacles you had to overcome?
Learning to separate yourself from work. This is industry is an industry filled with rejection. Sometimes it really gets to you & you become hard on yourself. I was able to over come this by really getting to know myself more and more & understanding that being a model is not the only thing that defines me.

Being a Filipina, do you feel pressured to represent your country? If yes, how so?
I don’t really feel pressured to represent my country. As long as I become my best self every day, then I sincerely believe I am representing the Philippines at my best.

Joining TALENTMAN is a new career chapter. What are your hopes & expectations in moving forward?
I expect to have a great working relationship with TALENTMAN. I know that I will only be able to further improve with the agency. I look forward to meeting more people in the industry and further grow my international placements & clientele as well! The future looks bright!


TALENTMAN now proudly represents the 'dynamite' Danica Magpantay from the Philippines. After successfully winning the title of Ford's Supermodel of the World at the young age of 17, this beauty is back to take the fashion world by storm looking better than ever! Stay up to date with Danica here: @icamagpantay & watch out for exciting news to be announced soon.

Prim Patnasiri - LOOKER Video Teaser (Exclusive) by Michael Seifert

PRIM PATNASIRI dazzles as PIN UP GIRL 078 in this month's edition of LOOKER Magazine. Get ready for a chill out session with this Thai beauty as the camera joins our 'Oriental Pearl' in this exclusive sultry one-on-one session filmed in her hometown; Bangkok, Thailand.


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Prim Patnasiri - TRÉ (Campaign) by Michael Seifert

Based in Valencia, Spain - Miranda Portero is the woman behind Tré - a brand that aims to represent values of equality, self-confidence & consciousness through fashion. Inspired by music & the streets, Tré is #crueltyfree - meaning NO animal fur is used in its products. Starring in the latest campaign is our 'oriental pearl' PRIM PATNASIRI shining brighter than the stars.

LONDON, 2017

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TALENTMAN: Model Search 2017 (Competition) by Michael Seifert

So you think you’ve got what it takes to become a supermodel? Enter TALENTMAN’s model search & see if you’ve got ‘It’! We’ve listed the rules below with prize information for our lucky winner! To apply, it’s as simple as sharing your submission on Instagram using the hashtags #TalentmanScouts and #MakeMeTalentman. All entries will be reviewed by our esteemed panel of judges, consisting of TALENTMAN’s CEO & founder, Michael Seifert; New York Fashion & Portrait Photographer Peter Wise & Project Runway Designer Isabelle Donola.

Curious to see who’s caught our eye? Stay tuned as we will be revealing some of our favorite submissions with feedback from the judges on social media! Follow @talentmanmodels & @talentmanscouts and you might just get featured. Good luck!

The TALENTMAN model search 2017 is up & running starting August 1st, 2017 and ends on October 1st, 2017. All entires must be received during this period to for applicants to qualify. 

The promotion is open to men & women. Men between the ages of 15-40 can qualify, women between the ages of 14-22. All applicants 

No payment is required to enter the competition. 

We will carefully review all entries, judge the images & share feedback on our final selection to be shared on @talentmanscouts. Our ‘judging day’ will happen weekly & the final winner will be revealed after October 1st, 2017 with the help of our panel of judges consisting of our CEO & Founder, Michael Seifert, New York fashion & portrait photographer Peter Wise & Project Runway’s Isabelle Donola. Scores will be tabulated & broken down into the following criteria: TALENTMAN potential (25%), appearance (25%), style (25%) and overall character based on applicants’ social media (25%). 

Our lucky winner will take home an exclusive management contract to join one of today’s emerging Mother Agencies in fashion - TALENTMAN - & the opportunity to get signed by top agencies in Asia, Europe & the United States. In addition, we are prizing the newest warrior with a professional photo shoot lensed by Peter Wise to jumpstart their modeling career! On top of that, our resident Project Runway judge Isabelle Donola will create & reward a look. And finally, exclusive personal mentorship & career guidance in runway, acting, personal style to enhance overall development required to succeed in the business - spearheaded by TALENTMAN’s very own, Michael Seifert. 

What are you waiting for? Your dream is one Instagram post away, submit yourself today @talentmanscouts!

Adryan Hanson - Herschel Supply Co. (Campaign) by Michael Seifert

Responsible for some of the most stylish hipster retro backpacks & accessories available today, HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO. has just released its latest collection consisting of accessories, backpacks, caps, travel gear & jackets among other selections. Catch our 'star on the rise' ADRYAN HANSON across their latest ad campaigns on Instagram & on their official website. Congratulations, Adryan! 

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