With a face that attracts people of all ages, an effortless style that matches the style of top fashion bloggers today & a grounded personality, TALENTMAN’s Star on the Rise ADRYAN HANSON has become a 'Face to Watch' in the fashion industry in less than a year.
After being discovered by TALENTMAN’s CEO Michael Seifert a year ago, Adryan Hanson put his Pro-Basketball career on hold to chase a new dream: To become one of the worlds’ most recognised faces. Fresh off the runway at Paris Fashion Week this season walking as an exclusive & 2nd face for GIVENCHY by Riccardo Tisci’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection & working for some of the world’s most prestigious brands & publications thus far in Paris, Milan, New York & Los Angeles, Adryan Hanson is making his mark in fashion & it’s only the beginning. 

Discover how Adryan Hanson's life has changed this year as TALENTMAN caught up with the Jet Setter at New York Fashion Week in the #TheTalentManExclusive No.4 ‘The Star Has Risen.' 

Jordan Keith Photography / New York

TM: From Pro-Basketball Player to International Top Model Status in less than a year, what made you decide to give Modelling a shot?
AH: The world of modelling always caught my eye, as fashion has always been a big part of my life. So once i sat down and looked at the potential to travel the world and visit some of the industry's top markets, how could i pass on an opportunity to travel for work!

TM: What are your Passions outside of Basketball & Modelling?
AH: One of my biggest passions is traveling. Any chance i have, i will make a trip to visit a new city. The things you learn when you visit a new country is something that is unmatched. I always suggest people to travel whenever they have the chance, you always go through life changing experiences when you leave your home city.

TM: What have been the biggest struggles of the industry that you’ve had to face thus far?
AH: One of the biggest struggles that many models & myself will go through in this industry is understanding that every single model in this industry is unique. No matter how hard you decide to work or prepare yourself for a casting, it is in the eyes of the clients to decide what look they need. You can’t get down on yourself for potentially not booking a job. Be confident in who you are regardless of the outcome of a casting, you are unique!

TM: What’s the best part about Modelling?
AH: Being a model has opened many doors for me, but allowing myself to meet people from all around the world has been the biggest blessing. Learning new things about other cultures and how things are done so different all around the world has opened my eyes to a lot of things.. Everyday is something new!

TM: How has your Life changed since joining TALENTMAN?
AH: Since signing with TALENTMAN it has allowed me to break into the top markets in the world! Always dreamt of living in New York, and all thanks to Michael (CEO) and the TALENTMAN team, they got me to where i wanted to be!

TM: What are your thoughts on the Advocacy of the agency?
AH: Even though the agency is new and up and coming, the vision has been there for years. Having an agency that understands what you want to accomplish as a model is the most important part. When someone is inspired to work hard for you because they see your potential, it is such a humbling feeling.

TM: What’s been the Highlight of your Modelling Career?
AH: Walking the Exclusive for Givenchy this past season in Paris was a blessing. Never thought I’d be able to work in Paris because they usually go for smaller guys, so to get flown out there to work for such a prestigious brand was such an honor!

TM: What has been the craziest thing you’ve experienced thus far since becoming a model?
AH: Moving to New York and arriving at the model apartment only to arrive to 10 other people living there (girls and guys) was pretty overwhelming at first.. Can't say I'd ever lived in a crazier environment before!

TM: What's been your favourite city that you’ve travelled to so far?
AH: I’ve always loved New York, but Paris took my breath away…

TM: What is your message to all your supporters that are following your journey?
AH: For everyone out there trying to pursue their dreams - TAKE THE RISK to make the change in your life to pursue what you are truly passionate about. Don't let the opportunity pass because you never get another chance. Thank you for all the love and support... I wouldn't be here without y'all!!! Stay tuned for exciting things coming up & follow my journey on all things social! ;)

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