"He's a man of many talents: hosting, modelling, advertising, and venturing out to set trends, redefining a new era of talent management..."

Witness the culmination of a 'Transcendental Trendsetter' as PINOY THAIYO catches up with TALENTMAN's CEO & Founder, Michael Seifert to discuss various aspects about the business, achievements & what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur today.

Santy Calalay Photography / Francis Libiran Designs.

Michael Seifert emerged from the door, with true debonair style in a Francis Libiran tailored suit. Casual, yet crisp, it seemed though he just came out of a photo shoot. Even his silhouette screamed his identity from a distance — a model, towering at 6’2” height. I tip-toed, trying to keep my poise in three-inch stilettos, yet I still felt short in his presence. His German blood from his dad dominates his looks, but his warmth and conviviality derived from his Filipina mother, who also modelled in her younger years in Germany.

Thrilled while having a tête-à-tête with a globetrotting fashion icon, and entrepreneur, I lost track of time. He’s far off from a taciturn, although he’s been reserved, yet elated.

Santy Calalay Photography

Having known Michael for years, I rarely have the chance to delve into a deep conversation with him. Busy as a bee, Michael is a multi-tasker. Astoundingly, he excels in whatever he does, particularly in his career. He’s a man of many talents: hosting, modelling, advertising, and venturing out to set trends: redefining a new era of talent management. He’s definitely grown into a dignified Founder and CEO with TALENTMAN.

PT: When were you first exposed to the modelling industry? How were you discovered?
MS: I was first exposed to the modelling industry at the age of 7. My mom herself modelled in Germany in her younger years and then introduced us (my siblings and I) to the modelling industry. I grew up in the Philippines and started with commercial work at 7, followed by runway and more high-end jobs when I turned 15. At 19, I got scouted by a Brazilian mother agency who sent me out to Shanghai, China for my first international modelling experience two weeks upon signing my contract.

PT: As the founder of TALENTMAN, a young model and very promising fashion entrepreneur, what inspired you and who motivated you to conceptualize & pursue this high-end fashion venture?
MS: The idea sparked in me when I was modelling in Milan 5 years ago. I’ve always been passionate about the creative side of the business until I finally had the courage, determination & resources to get started. It’s been a blessing & I’m truly grateful for the trust & loyalty I’ve received from my models so far… it’s been an adventure!

Traverse on Talent Management’s Peak.

The wee hour never bothered us, as we ascend the tiptop conversation. The threshold of fresh notions on fashion has been concluded. He seemed to have a reservoir of elixir to remedy the rampant glitches in the fashion industry. His vigor in his pursuit would suffice his traverse on talent management’s peak. The trek would be harder than that of a catwalk’s, having risks taken, fears fought.

PT: What is the edge of TALENTMAN, among other world-class talent management companies and agencies? Are there any challenges you’re bracing at the moment?
MS: That’s a very good question. I believe that every talent management agency has its own strengths and weaknesses. TALENTMAN in and of itself takes on a holistic approach of talent management and its true values. Hence, the advocacy I strongly push for which are the 3P’s: Passion, Personality, and Professionalism – three key ingredients that I personally believe are vital for a successful long-term career. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world as an international model for 6 years, building personal relationships with top agencies in the world, meeting clients, models and industry leaders in their respective fields while seeing the demands of each market. Challenges will always arise, especially in fashion as it’s an unpredictable industry, but at the end of the day anything is possible and you just have to embrace challenges and follow your gut feeling. Industry leaders in Milan, Paris & New York have said, “I’ve got the eye“ — whatever that means, I will continue doing what I do with the end goal of providing life-changing opportunities for undiscovered talent!

PT: What are your marketing strategies that would give you the limelight in the fashion world, and the social media as well?
MS: Strategies? We’ll let’s see – I would have to say that I’ve only ever been true to the vision. I’m a visual person, so Instagram comes in handy but I wouldn’t say that it’s a ’strategy.’ I get my models involved as much as possible and always make sure that everyone is recognized for their part. A vision cannot become a reality by the works of one man, but by a multitude; therefore I applaud teamwork.

PT: As a talent and an entrepreneur, what challenge and charge could you leave aspiring Filipinos, especially the OFWs to pursue their passion and how to gear up productivity?
MS: I believe that you can turn your dreams into a reality. I’ve also been a hard worker since I was very young. A curiosity to life and its endless possibilities, I am grateful that my decisions along the way combined with hard work have led me to where I am today. The best advice I can share with OFW’s and other aspiring Filipinos is to pursue your passion and continue to pray, because there really is power in prayer. If you’re convinced that this is for you and you’re willing to put in the long hours, hard work and a long-term commitment, the chances of success are high. Man can work hard and achieve a great amount, but with faith miracles can truly happen. A great idea can come from anywhere. I’d like to set an example today with TALENTMAN that hard work always pays off in the end.

I strongly concur to what Michael emphasized in this interview. I couldn’t agree more to what Ralph Lauren uttered as quoted above. TALENTMAN dawns as transcendental trendsetter to illuminate the realm of fashion.

Traveling and Modelling: A Globetrotter’s Gaiety.

Sojourning in Bangkok for months earlier this year, the globetrotter did modelling and scouting. The summer had passed and yet his scorching spirit set him ablaze as he toured Europe & Asia, making waves in Paris, Milan, New York & Tokyo to support his models during Fashion Week. 

TALENTMAN was launched in October 2014 with 4 Faces: Dora, Adryan, Kenji & Pawel. Since then Michael has been thrilled to share that the board has expanded to 9 models. Visit www.thetalentman.com/models to keep up to date with the latest faces!

Big things are coming up for the boutique agency on the rise so make sure you keep your eye out on all things social.

*Special thanks to PINOY THAIYO for  this Exclusive Feature.

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