This Season, ‘Spread the love and give a hug’ as TALENTMAN is proud to reveal our 2nd #TMExclusive featuring International Model, Actress and emerging Social Media Star MADI ROSS. With a unique blend of a Chinese & Australian heritage, this Vancouver-raised island girl at heart has appeared in numerous campaigns and TV stints in Asia for some of today’s biggest brands including Herbal Essences, Garnier & Puma, and even appeared in a blockbuster Thai film ’Super Salary Man'. You might even recognise this freckled beauty in the latest campaign of New Balance in North America. TALENTMAN recently caught up with the jet setter in Bangkok, Thailand during her visit to shoot the latest TV ad for one of Asia’s biggest Energy drinks; set to be released at the end of this month. Discover how this Eurasian beauty established her presence on social media, her lifestyle & what it takes to become an emerging social media star.

TM: Tell us 3 things we don’t know about Madi Ross…
MR: I’m obsessed with the ocean, I have no middle name & I wear contact lenses.

TM: Being an Australian-Chinese mix, how has your heritage helped you reach more fans?
MR: I think being Mixed/Eurasian/Ethnically Ambiguous/Biracial (let's just get all the terms out there lol) gives me the connection to a larger audience. I don't just fit one category and neither do my fans. It's really nice and inspiring to have a reach across the world and in different time zones.

TM: How has being a Model shaped you into becoming a Social Media Influencer? 
MR: It kind of comes hand in hand nowadays. Being a model/ actress puts you out there and makes you visible, the following comes naturally.

TM: How do you set yourself apart from competitors in the space?
MR: I just be myself. I don't just post things for the sake of likes. I try to be true to myself and my style.

TM: Do you have certain strategies and tactics that you apply to increase social media followers? 
MR: Quality over quantity for sure. Posting quality photos and trying to keep them consistent and interesting. Posting at times when your followers are most active to get the highest engagement rate.

TM: What defines a dream job and are you living it?
MR: A dream job is a job that doesn't feel like a job... Something you enjoy and inspires you to do more to keep discovering and striving. I'm not sure what mine is yet, but my dream job will enable me to travel, swim in the ocean everyday and meet amazing inspiring people.

TM: What’s been your most unforgettable moment in your career so far?
MR: I don't actually have a specific moment. It's the places I've travelled to, the people I've met. That's been everything and more.

TM: What inspires your social media posts? 
MR: It changes every day depending on my mood, where I am and who I’m with. I try to stay true to my style and I’m still discovering that and experimenting to push my limits each day. 

TM: How do you handle harsh criticism and critique being in the public eye? 
MR: I don't usually get harsh criticism from social media. Sometimes I get the odd comment which I delete. I just can't be bothered, I don't mind blocking negative people either. 95% of my followers are so sweet though! They say the nicest things which make me smile every day. Then again, a lot of my comments aren't in English so they could totally be taking the piss out of me and I'd have no idea lol!

TM: You’ve got a healthy, youthful glow to you. What are your secrets to living a healthy lifestyle?
MR: HAPPINESS!!!!!! Ahhh I can't stress that enough. Having a happy positive mind set is everything. That's something I learned recently. The happy people always got the glow. Also staying active and doing things that make you feel good.

TM: Your life consists of travelling. What are key lessons you’ve learned traveling the world? 
MR: Stay healthy, there's nothing worse than getting sick while you travel. Get enough sleep and take your vitamins. I used to always get sick because I was traveling so much and it was the worst, especially because I had to work as well. Also do and see as much as possible. Don't get stressed out about it but there are just too many times I didn't do the touristy things when I travelled. I would usually visit a place for work or on a contract so I'd put off the tourist tours because I'd do it later. I lived in Tokyo for 6 months and never even went to Tokyo Tower!

TM: At what point in one’s career can an aspiring social media influencer start demanding for rates?
MR: I think as soon as you can be considered an influencer you should be compensated. Some people don't take social media seriously but it's the best form of advertisement in my opinion at the moment. "Visibility is the currency of our time, and that's what social media does."

TM: Does this line of work sustain a person’s career longterm?
MR: I think you must always evolve, just as time and technology does. Who knows how long instagram will be around, but it's important to keep progressing and reinventing.

TM: How did you link up with TALENTMAN & what are your thoughts on the advocacy? 
MR: The founder is a close friend of mine. Everything he does, he fully commits to and goes above 100%. I support everything he does and the TALENTMAN is one to watch out for.

TM: Share a quote that you’re currently obsessed with… 
MR: “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” - Wyland

"Visibility is the currency of our time, and that's what social media does."

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