KATIA M. SHERMAN is a business woman who displays the admirable traits of passion, hard work & commitment. No matter what you do, this remarkable entrepreneur teaches us to do all things in life with integrity. TALENTMAN is truly honoured to share one of the biggest Milestones to date: An Exclusive One-on-One session with KATIA M. SHERMAN, the President of MAJOR MODELS New York. With 3 Decades of Industry Experience, discover how a successful woman at one of today’s leading agencies in the world, manages her day-to-day life on & off-duty in #TheTALENTMANExclusive No.5 ‘The President Speaks.'

TM: Who is KATIA M. SHERMAN On & Off Duty?
KS: I have to confess this but as far as MAJOR is concerned, I am never off duty. MAJOR is my 3rd Child & it needs constant attention. I juggle mom/wife/president/charity/volunteer duties 24/7, except that on the weekend I pretend I am speaking to friends on the phone…

TM: What made you decide to Work in the Fashion Industry?
KS: My mother spent a lot of her money on clothes & jewellery. She was always quite glamorous, fabulous & gorgeous. She used to wear red lipstick even when shopping for groceries. They say, “the Apple does not fall from the tree…” -one man who used to be an industry icon took me under his wing & the rest... is history!

TM: Share 3-5 Things many people don't know about KATIA M. SHERMAN…
KS: I am an accomplished windsurfer, I have green thumbs and a fabulous garden. I am a worry body & I hate to cook. Oh, and did I mention I worship my husband who is also my mentor? 

TM: How do you juggle being on Top of things at work & spending quality Family Time? In your Opinion, what is the Formula for a Balanced Life?
KS: Take each day, one day at a time…. 1 hour at a time…. one drama at a time. It’s important to enjoy the moments of happiness and make a big deal of every happy moment. My motto? Tomorrow is another day! Family comes first of course, but I push myself every day to be there for them, for everyone no matter who and when. It is a huge commitment to be that way, trust me & it can get exhausting - but I chose my life & I am grateful for everything I have so I work hard to keep it all together.

TM: Running one of todays' Top Modelling Agencies Worldwide, how do you keep up with Pressures & Responsibilities of being the President at MAJOR MODELS New York?
KS: I wear my heart on my sleeves, but I hide a lot of emotions, especially the pain people can cause me. Nevertheless, I am very lucky because I have amazing people surrounding me that serve as buffers for all the pressures that I tend to let out. I do have a temper at times - Elizabeth, Gian Maria / Jeanette / Lisa / Evelina / Nadia / Kristian / Christian / Sofiane / Stephanie / Lina / Jeremy / Delwin / Amanda / Islande / James and so many more… Everyone that’s a part of my team, handle a different angle of the day to day life at the agency - I rely on them. At the end of the day I am ‘the Captain of a Ship’ & the support of my staff gives me the strength to handle each and every minute of my work day. My team truly is extraordinary: The Senior & the Junior staff continuously play their part in perfect harmony.

TM: What are Key Traits that MAJOR MODELS New York looks for in Scouting New Faces, Male & Female?
KS: We look at potential models this way: Personality comes first, followed by the desire to succeed & the ability to take direction well. We also expect a commitment to modelling & we discuss branding, in addition to the social media following. Finally, we look at the height & the face. I don’t look at the measurements so strictly as I used to 10 years ago. The demographic has changed & people are changing; I take my chances… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

TM: How important is Loyalty in the Business?
KS: Loyalty is the one matter that shapes a business… A loyal human being is a good soul. Loyalty is always rewarded in the end.

TM: What is the Biggest Struggle you had to overcome in your Years in the Business?
KS: I learned about the stock market after the collapse in 2009… this was definitely my biggest challenge, but it turns out to be the most informative step in my life. Knowledge is everything.

TM: For an Aspiring Entrepreneur looking to get into the Business, what Lessons can you share from your Life Experience to help them prepare for the Big Challenges that lie ahead?
KS: Surround yourself with people you can trust, but most importantly around people that can do what you cannot or have no time for.

TM: How has the Business changed in the past 10 years & what is your Prediction in the next 10 years to come?
KS: I cannot predict the future, I will just say - watch YouTube. It’s the barometer of our society. 

TM: Why did you link up with TALENTMAN for this Exclusive Interview & what are your thoughts on the Advocacy of the Agency?
KS: Michael is one of the most dedicated agents I have ever met in the last 2 years at MAJOR. He is wise, but most importantly he knows his craft and he manages models worldwide better than I have ever encountered anyone do.

TM: What Legacy would you like to leave behind when the day comes that you decide to step down from the Business?
KS: Integrity wins at the end. I want to be known as the woman that succeeded without stepping on other peoples' toes to achieve her goals. And the second legacy: To all the kids out there… If you go after your dreams with all your heart, it will come true. But be prepared to work hard.

TM: Do you have any advice for upcoming Entrepreneurs, a Message for Aspiring Models looking to getting into the Fashion Industry & potentially interested in applying to MAJOR MODELS New York?
KS: Always be yourself. Speak out and never compare yourselves to others. We all have a road to walk on - never follow someone else’s road.

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