Over the last few years, MICHAEL CINCO has risen to the top and quickly built a global fashion empire. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, this Filipino-Native based in Dubai has made his country proud, dressing A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce among many other important industry leaders. This November, TALENTMAN is honored to have an exclusive chat with one of the most influential designers of our time. Join TALENTMAN Founder MICHAEL SEIFERT, as we enter the magical world of couture designer MICHAEL CINCO in “Culture Couture: The Impalpable Dream That Became A Reality.”

Who is Michael Cinco?
Michael Cinco is a Filipino fashion designer based in Dubai, whose impalpable dream is to shatter glass ceilings and make a difference in the international fashion world (laughs).

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Lovable, humble, and impalpable.

Current song obsession?
I’m in love with “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles.

Describe your design aesthetic?
My design aesthetic is modern classic with lots of exquisite details (Swarovski crystals). 

When you’re not wrapped up in your atelier, you are __________ (fill in the blank):
“Wrapped up in bed in the arms of the one I love.”

Define “success:”
Success is being happy with what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Being contented with where you are and how you got there.

Share one memorable moment in your life that helped you realize you wanted to become a designer?
As a child, I remember watching classic Hollywood movies in black and white. I was so amazed by the couture gowns worn by Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford. I believe it was these fashion icons that inspired me to become a fashion designer.


How has the fashion industry changed over the past decade and where is it headed?
The fashion industry has always been fast-paced. But in the digital era, it has the capacity to change faster than ever. This change applies to everything in the industry from design to marketing, through to production and sales. The future of fashion is unknown. Nevertheless, you can be sure that it includes providing the world with new ways to present their personalities through clothing.

How has social media enhanced your fame? Are you pro/con social media and why/why not?Social media has given everybody who chooses to sign up to a platform, the opportunity to tell 'their story' online through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr blogs. Normal people now have the capacity to make their opinion known on a massive scale and everyone is now interested to see what others are sharing. In turn, it allows people to build fame on social media.

Being a Filipino designer, what struggles did you have to overcome to make it in the global space? 
I never dwell on struggles of the past, but instead I like to savor each moment and stay focused on what lies ahead.

A controversial ongoing issue in fashion is “sexual harassment.” What are your thoughts on the matter and how can this be prevented, in your opinion?
It’s foolish to fall prey and a folly to fall victim. If we – as an industry – were to begin really examining the problems associated with fashion, whether it be the treatment of garment workers or the well-being of models, etc., it might get ugly. We want to ensure that all these people are treated appropriately and feel safe throughout any job. 

Who is your model of the moment?
Jhona Burjack.

What’s your life motto? 
Dream great dreams. Believe that anything in this world is possible. Believe in yourself and your impalpable dreams will come true. 

Share one thing that not a lot of people know about Michael Cinco?
I don't wear sunglasses to bed. 

Most memorable moment as a designer?
Winning the “Breakthrough Designer Award” from the WGSN Global Awares in New York City back in 2011, besting other top contender I highly respect and admire. Another memorable moment was when I received a Presidential Award for “Outstanding Filipinos” from the President of the Philippines. And the most important moment I would say is when someone told me that she saw a woman in an event wearing a dress that was “Very MICHAEL CINCO.”


You have dressed some of the worlds’ most sought after artists in entertainment, from Lady Gaga to Jennifer Lopez. What lesson(s) have you learned from the stars and celebrities in Hollywood? 
I learned that celebrities are fleeting and the only way you can leave your mark is with character.

One of the many reason people respect about you is your humility. How has keeping humble contributed to your success?
A designer is only as good as his last collection, but humility lasts even beyond your lifetime.

With so many scouting agencies in the world, how does TALENTMAN stand out from the saturated space, in your opinion?
I surmise TALENTMAN stands out for its dedication to redefining the next era of talent management.

How did you learn about TALENTMAN and why did you decided to link up for this exclusive interview?
Michael Seifert, need I say more? 

To all aspiring fashion enthusiasts and designers, what is your message? Do you have any final words of advice?
Follow your dreams, no matter how impalpable they may be. Talent is not enough – you need to get out there, and make sure everybody knows about your skills.

What’s next for Michael Cinco?
Sit back, wait for the drum roll, and watch it all unfold. Another impalpable dream is on its way (laughs).


Special thanks to MICHAEL CINCO for his time, dedication to the interview, and never-ending support to TALENTMAN. Follow him on Instagram @MICHAEL5INCO for real-time updates on couture, culture, fashion, and travel.