Whether you’ve noticed his angelic “blue eyes” on your Instagram feed, or spotted him at Milan and New York Fashion Weeks, SALVATORE VITA – also known by many as “MR. SALVATORE” – is making heads turn across social media channels on a global scale. Salvatore began his career on Instagram in 2014 as a passionate individual who enjoyed sharing his suave style online and it has certainly paid off! Today, this Italian-Native has become one of the most recognized, emerging digital content creators of our time acknowledged for his sexy look, unique style, and his ability to successfully connect with audiences in Italy and other parts of the world. In fact, his staggering fan base of 261K++ followers on Instagram alone, is a testament to his influence in the scene. This October 2018, TALENTMAN is honored to bring back the highly-anticipated TALENTMAN “EXCLUSIVE” series showcasing key players in the industry today that are sharing their success stories with us exclusively at TALENTMAN. Agency Founder MICHAEL SEIFERT sits down with “MR. SALVATORE” to chat about the digital age, his unique style, and never-before revealed facts about this man of mystery.

Who is Salvatore Vita?
Salvatore Vita is a simple, normal guy who has found a way to transform his passion for photography into a real full-time job opportunity.

 What is your heritage and how do you define yourself?
I was born in the South of Italy – Sicily – where I also grew up and spent most of my childhood. I moved to Milan 10 years ago.

What languages do you speak?
I speak Italian (of course) and I am working on improving my English skills daily. :)


What makes your content different from others?
My eyes help me stand out in a crowd and get me noticed quickly, however, I do believe that I have a unique and different style as well.

With all your traveling opportunities for work, list your top destination and why?
I am in love with LA. I’ve always dreamt of Hollywood Hills since I was a child, and when I finally saw it in person, one of my wildest dreams came true.

What’s your definition of a digital content creator?
A digital content creator is someone who is passionate about creating art. Creating content is an art itself, and it’s really about adding your personal take on selling a product or sharing a story with your audience. 

If brands or designers want to collaborate with you, what criteria do you focus on when deciding who to partner with?
I have an urban and unique style, so what’s important for me is to collaborate with brands that match my personality without changing my vision of how I dress and perceive fashion. 

What are this season’s “must-haves” for Mr. Salvatore and all stylish men? (List clothing items, brands, fragrance, accessories, upcoming trends)
Black, black, and more black! I love leather jackets (especially the Tigha jacket) and of course, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Dr. Martins boots!

List your current favorite song, movie, and quote?
I am crazy about Demi Lovato! I love all of her music and am currently obsessed with the track “sober.” I don’t have any particular favorite movie, however, I can’t get enough of the TV series “Orange Is The New Black” or “American Horror Story.” A quote I live by is “more love, less hate!”

Tell us 3 things most people don’t know about you?
1. I’ve never been to a theatre (cinema) to see a movie in my entire life
2. My parents both have brown/dark eyes
3. Most people don’t know I’m Italian

At which point in your career did you know you were successful?
It actually happened this year when I reached 248K followers on Instagram and signed with a global influencer agency that represents me today.

If you were stranded on an island, choose 5 things you can’t live without.
Water, fire, my mom, pizza, and my phone. 

List your most memorable moment with one of your fans/followers?
A female fan surprised me with the exact same tattoo as one of my own.

If you weren’t a fashion blogger, what would you do?
I would definitely be in visual merchandising for some shop/brand.

Have you ever been in love? How important is love in one’s life, and how does it affect your work success?
I live life with love and experience true love in my past. Now, I am single for almost 4 years to date. Being on my own has helped me to discover more about myself and focus on my work.

How many tattoos do you have, and what makes tattoos an important part of your personal expression?
I have more than 25 tattoos, but the most important one is the “heart” in my arm that was dedicated to my family.

Why did you decide to link up with TALENTMAN for this exclusive interview?
I see it as part of my work and I’m truly honored to be a part of this collaboration!

Define success.
Success to me is true happiness.

Share one valuable lesson this job taught you over the years?
It’s important not to copy anyone but instead be unique, stay inspired, and inspire others.

If you could switch lives with one person for the day, who would it be and why?
Switching lives would mean I would lose my actual life, friends, and family so I would not switch my life but keep it.

Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?
I see myself potentially owning my own clothing brand.

What’s next for Mr. Salvatore?
I have many exciting big projects coming up. Stay tuned!

Any tips for digital content creators or fashion bloggers who would like to become as influential and successful as you?
Embrace being unique and try do something new and creative.

Any final words for your fans, followers, and TALENTMAN readers?
Thank you so much for reading this interview, supporting TALENTMAN, and supporting me. Keep up with my updates on social media to see what’s coming up! ;)

Special thanks to SALVATORE VITA for his insights on the industry today. Follow him on Instagram @SALVATOREVITA for real-time updates on fashion, tattoos, men’s grooming, and travel.