MILAN Truska - FACTORY BODY Magazine by Michael Seifert

This February, witness a 'steamy experience' with our 'Modern Man' MILAN TRUSKA as he covers FACTORY BODY's 'Hong Kong Hollywood Issue' captued by top fashion photographer BALDOVINO BARANI in Paris. 

Baldovino Barani Photography
Factory Body / Factory Fanzine Publication

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PRIM Patnasiri - NR Magazine Volume 3 by Michael Seifert

Introducing the ‘Oriental Pearl’ that is TALENTMAN’s warrior from Thailand, PRIM PATNASIRI fronting the latest fashion story in NR MAGAZINE’s “Empowerment” issue. Discover a unique issue focused on bringing together men and women of all ethnicities, races and sexualities.
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Masami Naruo Photography
Nima Habibzadeh + Jade Removille Fashion & Creative Direction
MMKK Make Up
Toni Roppongi Hair

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