Jordan Henrion


One of today’s most influential bloggers on the rise, TALENTMAN is honoured to present the first TALENTMAN exclusive collaboration featuring Jordan Henrion. To date the Saarbrucken (Germany) Native has collaborated with top international magazines & brands such as GQ, Vogue Korea, GAP, LEVI’S, American Apparel, H&M, Agnes B & Cartier among others. The spectacular imagery displayed in his blog with a unique perspective in fashion, supported by the success of digital campaigns has led him to where he is today. Now living in Paris, find out what sets THE BOY IN THE BLUE apart from his peers, the common challenges models & bloggers face and what it means to be an influential voice of our generation.

TM: How did you get started as a men’s fashion blogger? 
JH: In 2008 I created a blog with my brother in order to share our pictures. Jean Charles de Castelbajac, a french designer, was the first designer to spot us. I really started to work with different labels in 2010. 

TM: What inspires your style & how did you develop it? 
JH: Most of the time I find my inspiration on Tumblr or on the street. I've always had the same style, something very simple with street inspirations. 

TM: What defines a trendsetter of our time?
JH: For me a trendsetter is someone who has his own style. It has to be natural.

TM: What’s been the most unforgettable experience in your career so far? 
JH: Working with Cartier for the 'Winter Tale' project was really amazing. It was an honour to collaborate with a luxury brand that loves your universe and your pictures. 

TM: What makes an aspiring entrepreneur successful at the early stages of their career? 
JH: You have to work with the right person. Some people can really help you build something big; they are there to push you and to show your work, while others just try to make some money behind your back.

TM: Do you believe that bloggers will one day take over the fashion designers role in determining the future of fashion? 
JH: Of course not. Some bloggers are also designers but blogging is not about imposing a point of view - but rather about suggesting one. Each blogger represents a generation with their own unique style and personality; a part of society. Not all of us have the talent to create clothes or accessories like fashion designers do. A blog is more like a magazine - we show things that we like and things that other people create. 

TM: How do you set yourself apart from the saturated space of blogging? 
JH: There are not a lot of men in the blogosphere. In addition, I've been lucky to receive the support of beautiful magazines and brands.  

TM: You have a huge social media following. How important is a big following on social media today & what tool(s) do you use to reach your fan base? 
JH: I love Instagram, it’s very easy to use and I love the interaction of this social network. It’s a perfect mix between aestethic and reality - a new way to see the world.   

TM: How does fashion & style impact your day to day? 
JH: I don’t really follow trends so fashion & style don’t really have an impact on my everyday life. 

TM: Do you wear your mood or focus on what your followers respond to most on your posts?
JH: Most of the time I just wear the things I like. I don’t really care about the number of likes I receive on a post, but more so who actually likes my posts. ;)

TM: Are there key designers/brands you work with consistently? If so, name a few.
I work a lot with different brands on very different projects. This ranges from visuals in a store campaign for LEVI’S, American Apparel, Eleven Paris or H&M to editorials for Sandro, Cartier, Louis Vuitton & Agnes B among others. It’s always a pleasure to be challenged on a new project with a beautiful brand. 

TM: Now a men’s fashion blogger on the rise, does your success provide you with more modelling offers now so than before?
JH: Of course! In fact I’m only 180cm in height, which isn't very tall for a male model so sample sizes would usually be too big for me during shoots with my Paris model agency. Now it’s much easier as brands make sure they have clothes prepared in my size in the showroom. Another advantage for me is no long queues during casting calls.

TM: I can’t live without… 
JH: A pair of jeans from A.P.C.

TM: Have you considered coming up with your own line of clothing? 
JH: At some point I would like to create my own line of clothing- something very simple, inexpensive & well cut with the right colour palette & perfect shapes.

TM: Where would you like your blogging career to take you next? Please elaborate. 
JH: I’m already working as a digital strategy consultant for luxury brands and I really love my job, but I would also love to run the blog of an international mens' magazine like GQ or Vogue Hommes. 

TM: Tell us 3 things many people don’t know about you.
JH: My taste buds with food are really bad, I’ve played piano for 10 years and I've always wanted to have blond hair. 

TM: Who came up with the concept of two brothers behind a blog? 
JH: My brother is a great photographer and he also knows me the best. It’s really easy to work with him, we have the same ideas and the same aesthetic.

TM: Who determines your posts: Your fans, current trends, your bother or you?
JH: Most of the time I take care of the styling and location while my brother (Yannis) takes care of the rest which includes the light, the colours & the spirit of the photographs.

TM: What are your family's thoughts on your choice of pursuing this type of career? 
JH: My parents don’t really mind me pursuing this type of career - it’s a job like any other with a lot of great opportunities. 

TM: You are TALENTMAN’s first exclusive interview. How did you link up with TALENTMAN & what made you decide to support the advocacy of the agency? 
JH: Thanks to Michael I found out about TALENTMAN & the longterm vision for the industry. After Europe I would like to create a real link with my followers in Korea and TALENTMAN will help me achieve this by representing me in this beautiful country. 

TM: What are similar difficulties to models that you face as a blogger? 
JH: You always have to take care of yourself, remain physically fit & active and have a good skin. Similar to models, you don’t really have a fixed schedule & plans can change at the last minute so it’s very unpredictable. Some days you’re not working at all and other times you have 10 meetings & 2 shootings on the same day.  

TM: If you weren’t a fashion blogger today, what would you be and why? 
JH: I used to study law at university so I would probably be a lawyer or something along those lines.

TM: What is your advice for aspiring bloggers out there who are following your journey & hope to achieve your success one day? 
JH: Keep on trying & don't give up. If you have something to share then it’s important to do so. My goal was to show a new representation of men in the fashion industry, not as a fashion victim but more so to serve as a voice of the minimal and masculine generation. 

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