May 2015


For the Month of May, TALENTMAN heats things up in time for the Summer with a 'sweet & sexy' treat! Born on the same day as his father (February 4th) in Sao Paulo, Brasil - we've got the spotlight on one of today's hottest Supermodels of our Time: RICARDO BALDIN. With 12 years of industry experience under his belt, this veteran 'Made In Brazil' hunk has modeled for world-renowned brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's & Emporio Armani, among many others. Currently based out of Los Angeles, Ricardo Baldin dominates the world of social media with a staggering 380K+ Instagram followers & fans across the globe following his day-to-day life focused on fitness, fashion, work, travel & an adventurous lifestyle. 

What does it take to make it to the top? We've got the scoop into the life & mind of RICARDO BALDIN in #TheTalentManExclusive No. 3 'From Athlete to Supermodel.'

PH Credit: Greg Vaughan

TM: How did you get started as a Model?
RB: I was 16, still studying in Brazil, when a scouter found me and invited me to participate in the competition Elite Model Look. I ended up being one of the 3 finalists and received a contract with Elite Brazil in 2003.

TM: What did you dream of doing before you started modeling? 
RB: Before Modeling I dreamed of being an athlete. I'm the most competitive person you will ever meet, so I could definitely see myself competing for an Olympic medal in either Soccer, Basketball or something along those lines.

TM: At what point in your life did you realise Modeling was your path to success?
RB: I always took modeling very serious. When I just turned 18 I went to Milan for the first time. Modeling has not been easy but I surely learned a lot throughout the years, and the experiences I've gained today definitely count a lot.

TM: Being a Supermodel from Brazil, what is the biggest lesson you've learned so far?
RB: The biggest lesson I have learned is that, more than looking good and having a great body, what counts the most is your attitude. 

TM: Each year thousands of Brazilians aspire to make it BIG. What is your advice to those that are still starting out?
RB: I can only advise to: 1) Be yourself at all times, that's the only way you can truly feel confident & 2) Take care of your social media platforms; soon this will matter more than anything else.

TM: You’re currently happy & in a serious relationship. How do you manage to keep your relationship strong, when traveling provides models with temptation on a daily basis?
RB: I'm really happy with my relationship, and I appreciate it a lot. Nowadays with technology it's very easy to keep contact when you are apart, so that helps a lot too. Also, communication is definitely the key. Whenever anything is wrong or we don't like something, we talk about it and find a solution to make each other happy, keep each other strong and confident.

TM: You’re in great shape. What is your diet/workout secret & what tips can you recommend for your fans & aspiring models reading this interview?
RB: Thanks for the great shape part... :)
I don't follow any crazy diet, I must say I have good genetics and the fact that I did sports almost everyday during my whole childhood/youth helped a lot building my body structure. 
But what I recommend is: Drink a lot of water! It's really good for so many things we can't imagine. Be active, find your sport, a gym or a class that you like. When working out is fun, it gets way easier.

TM: How have your Brazilian & Italian roots influenced your upbringing & what are your parents' views on your modeling career?
RB: My parents are both Brazilian but with an Italian background. I'm really grateful for the strong family I have and the education I've been blessed with. My sisters are my best friends and both my parents have always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. Even though they always say they miss me, I miss them too.

TM: We know you have traveled a lot and worked in different markets. Can you share some of your favourite experiences & cities you've been to?
RB: I've worked in Europe, mainly in Milan and Germany for many years. I also spent some time in Asia and I loved it! I lived in Mexico City for 2 years, and I consider Mexico my second home. It's been 2 years now that I'm living in the United States, first in NY and now in Los Angeles. I love the diversity and the more I travel, the more I want to travel... it's really addicting! Diversity is the best part of traveling, so if I had to pick a place it would be: Planet Earth :)

TM: In your opinion, what does it take to make it to the top?
RB: A lot of hard work and discipline. Investing your time in learning how the different markets work and studying who the big influential people are. These influential people are the ones who have the power to make you a top model. You may have a few shots during your career, but a lot of it is 'being in the right place at the right time' and being ready for that moment when it comes.

TM: You have an extremely powerful social media following. What tips & tricks can you share to help others build on their following & how important is a strong presence on social media today?
RB: My tip is to see what people with a big & engaged following are doing and to learn from what they are doing right. Also, it's important to build good content for your social media platforms - good quality content counts a lot! And of course, try to be unique & showcase your personality. 

TM: With Supermodels like Giselle (Bundchen), Adriana (Lima), Marlon (Teixeira), Francisco (Lachowski) & yourself - how important is the role of Brazilian models in the fashion industry? Do you feel any pressure to represent your country? 
RB: I think the Brazilian models in general have a little samba in their feet & a happiness in their look! That good vibe is contagious, and lots of clients love that attitude. I don't really feel any pressure... I think that being Brazilian can help, but it can also not be the best thing. I just try to be ready for whatever comes up and I do my best always!

TM: How & why did you link up with the TALENTMAN & what are your thoughts on the advocacy of the agency? 
RB: Michael (CEO) is a good old friend of mine. We met awhile back traveling as models in Asia. I think he's doing a great job not only in the Philippines but internationally as well. I look forward to spending more time in the Philippines as I know many good people there and I'm sure it's an amazing country!

TM: Do you consider yourself famous at this stage in your career with thousands of fans & followers? How do you keep yourself grounded?
RB: I'm a hard worker, and I consider myself lucky as well. Some people recognise me in the streets or parties, but I'm not Justin Bieber... I have no paparazzi in front of my building. The big following definitely comes with responsibilities as well facilities, but those who know me from before, know who I am and that fame would never change my character.

TM: If you had one final message to your fans & fellow Brazilians, what would it be?
RB: First I would like to thank the TalentMan for this opportunity and I wish the agency all the success. To my Brazilian fellows I want to send a big hug, they are all spread around the world, which is bad because I can't see them all the time. Nevertheless it's a great thing, since I have a friend everywhere I go! :) 
To my followers, thanks a lot for the love and for all the support you guys continue to give me. It's just amazing to have such a big amount of people following my work, travels and daily routines.

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