New York

Liam Samuels - "Reebok Classics 2017" (Campaign) by Michael Seifert

TALENTMAN is thrilled announce the newest face of one of today's pioneers on sportswear: REEBOK! Introducing 19-year-old warrior & 'golden boy' LIAM SAMUELS as he strolls through the streets of New York City in "Reebok Classic" - highlighting a sophisticated touch to the brands' legacy. This summer, keep an eye out for LIAM across REEBOK billboards & stores across the globe!

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Chantelle & Tara - The Girls Are Alright In Stripes (Editorial) by Michael Seifert

"The Girls Are Alright In Stripes" is an exclusive SPRING 2017 fashion story highlighting a new wave of a trend this year: Stripes! Discover two TALENTMAN warriors that exude confidence, strength & fearlessness in our 'Enchanting' CHANTELLE NICOLE in her platinum make-over, with 'Timeless Beauty' TARA WAGNER, styled by ALYCEN HUMPHREY CASE, hair by KARL PAYTON and make-up by JUAN JAAR, lensed by PETER WISE.

NEW YORK, 2017