Model(s): Markus Pichlmayer
Photographer: Tamara Muth King

What made you decide to get into modeling?
I see modeling as a great opportunity to travel and explore the world. In addition, I really enjoy being in front of the camera and shooting with talented creatives in the industry.

How has your life changed since pursuing modeling?
I definitely am traveling more than before. Modeling has allowed me to come to New York several times to shoot and further develop myself as a person altogether.

What is your life motto?
Do what you love.

What is one thing that you dislike about the industry?
I don’t agree with the industry promoting restricted body types in their ads. I feel it’s important to showcase that real beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

What makes you unique?
What makes me unique is the fact that I am willing to work very hard to achieve all my life goals.

If you had one last day on earth left, what would you do?
I would spend my last day on earth with the people I love.

Who are your current favorite models?
Lucky Blue Smith, because I feel like we are similar types of models.

What’s your favorite song?
1-800-273-8255 by Logic/Alessia Cara/Khalid

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself in multiple campaigns. I also love animals and see myself becoming a veterinarian one day. Establishing myself as a model and brand will help me raise more awareness around animal cruelty and the importance of animals in our lives.

What made you want to explore becoming a veterinarian? 
I’ve always loved animals. Growing up as a child, I would mainly read books about cheetahs among other species. I developed a curiosity to learn more about exotic animals. I don’t want to be just another veterinarian, but mainly focus on treating and caring for exotic animals. 

What is your message to aspiring models around the world?
Invest in your social media channels like Instagram. Like myself, many models today can get discovered online. Stay true to yourself and love what you do!