'Hey June’ - you’ve surprised us with some amazing highlights we’d love to revisit with you! From launching a ‘ferocious’ new face & expanding our womens’ division, to multiple new placements in markets like Canada, Dubai & Sweden among others, the warriors of TALENTMAN are living up to their true potential and leaving their mark around the globe!

She’s hip, she’s fun - she’s ‘ferocious!'


Meet TALENTMAN’s June 2016 addition to the family, the ‘ferocious’ Angie Ng
Straight from the Orient, this Malaysian statuesque beauty is a fresh twist of quirkiness, fun & adventure. Witness why global leading agency IMG London couldn’t resist this stunner as we discover more on Angie here: www.thetalentman.com/angieng-portfolio.
With brand new representation in Milan and Fashion Week coming up this September, keep a close eye on this ‘ferocious’ one ready to make her Italian debut with a bang!



The warriors answer their global calling!

TALENTMAN is thrilled to announce 6 brand new global placements this month with some of todays’ leading agencies in their respective countries & continents. Our ‘surfer next door’ Christopher Pfeffer joins one of Scandinivia’s leading agencies (MIKA’s), while our ‘hunkgarianPaul Molnar gets signed to one of Turkey’s best (FLASH) and bags New York representation (MSA MEN)


In addition, our new face Angie Ng was carefully selected by one of Italy’s most promising agencies (Independent) & a guaranteed slot in the upcoming womens’ fashion week show package in Milan this September 2016. Our ‘star on the riseAdryan Hanson visits home and officially joins Vancouvers’ premier agency with over 30 years of career management experience (Richard’s) while our ‘modern manMilan Truska gets confirmation with one of Dubai’s boutique agency firms (Diva). More exciting announcements await, as July 2016 is just around the corner!


From Asia to Europe, let's revisit editorial & commercial ad highlights!

It’s been a month of extensive new opportunities for the warriors and here are just a few highlights that remind us of a remarkable month that June was:

(1) Our ‘surfer next door’ of Filipino-German descent, Christopher Pfeffer took over the editorial sector of one of the Philippines’ top publications MEGA MAN in a 6-page exclusive fashion story inspired by military tones in a tribal setting. (2) Within the South-East Asian region, our ‘piercing AsianCho Hui continued the to expand the editorial space, modeling for Bottega Veneta in Singapore’s first Chinese fashion & lifestyle magazine NAN YOU, an 8-page exclusive (3) Fearless & risqué, our ‘hunkgarianPaul Molnar surprised the world when he appeared in ‘Toned’ - an editorial fashion story in RISK MAGAZINE’s latest “Color Issue” in New York City. 

(4) Our ‘modern man’ Milan Truska had a particularly life-changing month, appearing as the campaign face for TOPTEN Eyewear across Turkey & all over the European region! In addition, he achieved a milestone both for himself & TALENTMAN as Truska took flight as the global ambassador in Turkish Airlines’ worldwide commercial ad campaign - TURKISH AIRLINES the official Airline Partner of UEFA EURO 2016.

(5) The star continues to shine bright, as our ‘star on the rise’ Adryan Hanson is named "One of the most in-demand male models in the world," according to ABS-CBN. Witness "Bright Spot” now where we follow the journey & growth of TALENTMAN's 1st ever male model signing & a young Filipino/Canadian who went from running on the basketball court to high fashion runways.

'Hey June’ - your time is up. What’s next?

It’s been a life-changing month for some of our warriors and we are excited to see what July has in store for TALENTMAN. Expect our first #theTalentManExclusive Interview of 2016 featuring one of Hollywoods’ biggest hairstylists today, a Danish addition to the men’s board, more exciting announcements on global placements, an exclusive feature on our founder in one of the Philippine’s most respected publications & finally - drum roll please…. the TALENTMAN Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign featuring three of our warriors that are on their way to the top. Stay tuned! 

From the TALENTMAN, with love X